New edition to our collection: Zundapp KS601EL

We got another bike, nice, original, running condition: Zundapp KS601EL, 1957. This is unique, one of 200 elastics ever built. Also, if you didn’t know, that was the last year of great, big twin Zundapps.Zundapp KS601 elastic

~ by horyn on April 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “New edition to our collection: Zundapp KS601EL”

  1. I have a big collection of Zundapp 1950’s motorcycle parts to unload,to many parts to metion. Perhaps 10-15 motorcycles in parts. Thousands of motor parts 50 fenders 20 gas tanks 10 frames 5 half completed bikes.

    I am located in York Pa. I want $3500 or bst offer for all. No sorting out and taking what you want. One buyer takes all.


  2. I owned a 57 ks 601 el from 1965 to 1975, and I painted it that same blue
    ””’wonderful bike. Would love to see it. I ride a 74 bmw r 100 now. thanks
    for sharing.

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