New edition to our collection: Zundapp KS601EL

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We got another bike, nice, original, running condition: Zundapp KS601EL, 1957. This is unique, one of 200 elastics ever built. Also, if you didn’t know, that was the last year of great, big twin Zundapps.Zundapp KS601 elastic

Early motorcycle advertising

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Zundapp 1926

It’s crazy enough to collect vintage motorcycles, but how insane is collecting old posters about classic motorcycles? I found this site full of beautiful images, posters, magazines covers and they all are breathtaking. Fantastic compilation. Check this out: Motorcycle Memories.

Old lookin

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OK, so I don’t think this bike is vintage but it still looking fantastic: by WrenchMonkees, based on Honda CB750 Four (I think :). Nice photography too.


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Vintage Motorcycle

Most of our motorcycles are in perfect, working condition.
It is an extra thrill to ride on something that belongs to museum.

Jay Leno’s garage – motorcycles

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The other day I found this interesting site:

Little assistant

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Boo Horyn

July 2007. Three years old Boo Horyn is preparing for photo session.